Advanced Open Water Diver

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Duration : 2-3 days
Equipment : Included
Requirements : Open Water Diver/Junior Open Water Diver (above 12 years of age)


Learn about underwater navigation, deep diving and three types of adventure dives that interest you. After some skill practice with your instructor, you'll make five adventure dives. There's no exam because this course is truly about having fun and gaining experience.

Prerequisites :

Open Water Diver/Junior Open Water Diver (above 12 years of age)

About the Course :

The Advanced Open Water Diver course is all about advancing your skills. You'll practice navigation, try deep diving and make three adventure dives from a choice of other dives, usually the instructor will suggest what's better for you (it's like a specialty sampler platter). For every specialty dive you complete, you can earn credit toward PADI® specialty certifications.

Scuba Gear :

Sample different types of diving

Learning Materials :

The course includes five adventure dives: a deep dive below 18m maximum of 30m, a navigation dive, and three adventure dives. Gain experience, build confidence and discover your diving abilities. The maximum depth depends on your age (from 12 till 15 years maximum depth 21m), but maximum depth is up to 30 meters.