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Duration : 3 Days (5 Dives)
Equipment :
Requirements : Certified as a PADI Open Water Diver (or other qualifying certification)


The PADI Sidemount Diver Specialty course teaches you the joy of scuba diving by mounting cylinders on your sides. Sidemount gives you streamlining option Scuba diving with a sidemount configuration simply means that you carry your tanks at your sides instead of on your back. This can reduce drag and is more comfortable for many divers. Sidemount divers often dive with two smaller tanks that are attached in the water. This makes carrying tanks and kitting up easier, especially for those who have difficulty lifting or walking with a backmounted tank. Technical divers typically need to carry extra cylinders, and believe that using a sidemount setup is the best option.

Prerequisites :

15 years or older

About the Course :

You will need standard side-mount equipment. It consists of: A BCD usually in wing style with a harness and different tank attachment points. Tanks attach at the hip and on the upper chest at armpit level on either side. Most configurations use an elastic system to hold tanks in place, or clips that attach to chest D-rings.

Scuba Gear :

Learning Materials :